Whether your organization has only a handful of employees or you’re a large corporation with many locations, a new software development project can be intimidating and often lies outside the realm of your team’s expertise. That’s where a software development partnership comes in. Needless to say, that the software you are developing or planning to develop is a critical part of your business and for it is the business so selecting the best team / company to undertake this task for you is very crucial.

We figured that the stakes of providing high-quality software are crucial to your organization’s success. And getting it right is extremely important to you and your brand as you might not get a second change to capture the market. So we have assembled a list of steps to help you choose the right development partner to bring your ideas to life.

Look for industry specific Providers

Past accomplishments are a strong indicator of future success. Trust us you will be more happier working with someone who has experience of working in your industry (Not your competitors but someone from the same industry). So the obvious first step is to look into their client portfolios. Please pay close attention to their past work but with that being said remember that some materials cannot be shown due to either NDAs or a wish to maintain a client’s privacy. In fact, not showing materials for some companies may be a sign of professionalism. Trust your partners.

Look for technology specific Providers

This point is only to be considered in 2 situations, one when you are an IT company and you know what you are looking for and another is if you already have a product and are looking someone to maintain or enhance it. In other cases, let the vendor suggest you what technology fits best with your product requirement.

Make sure they understand your business

Establishing clear expectations from your vendors can drastically improve hiring the right team, and having a detailed PRD (Product Requirement Document) is crucial to overall success. Make sure that they understand your business and your product requirement good enough to develop the product. Ask them about the product and the approach they would want to suggest instead of asking for a timeline and price in the initial meetings. A professional organization should show genuine curiosity in what you do and may also provide suggestions regarding your product.

Check the team and their compatibility

Compatibility with a development firm is important and the ability of their team to be able communicate efficiently and swiftly with your team is extremely important for a successful relationship. It can be challenging to know what a team is like from just looking at their website, so talking with them is crucial. Interview the candidates that are going to get allotted to make sure they have considerable communication skills and enthusiasm to work on your product and make it big.

Price & Timelines

Well nobody wants to miss the deadlines right. But don’t be too ambitious on this as low cost and faster delivery cannot be the only factor to choose your development partner. That will eventually get you into trouble. If you want a long-term partnership and build a successful solution, you must keep in mind that you have to include technical expertise, support, tech skills, budget, and timeline together.

Agreements & NDAs

Agreements are contracts including fixed-priced, dedicated team, outsourcing, time, and material. And NDAs are Non-Disclosure Agreements that prevent them from misusing information like business models, algorithms etc. with unauthorized people. Although these terms may not seem very important at first sight, they can have huge implications when it comes time to enforce them. Make sure that the vendors you are talking to are not hesitant in signing these NDAs and Agreements at the start of the relationship itself in order to protect your IPR. Get them drafted by your legal team to avoid ar-reaching implications that could cost time and money in the long term.

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The right partner nowadays is not only about the quality of work but also about communication and teamwork. If you are considering changing a software development partner or looking for your first outsourcing partner get in touch with our team and we would be happy to help you.